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Withdraw instantly to your Faucethub.io account! No withdrawal fees and the pay-out is sent instantly. Faucethub is a platform aimed at receiving microtransactions. You need a Faucethub account and link your wallet address in order to use this feature.

Premium Faucets

Bitcoin Faucethub Faucets

Name Timer Claim
claimfreecoins.io 0 minutes Claim
claimbtc.in 0 minutes Claim
autobitco.in 0 minutes Claim
cryptotrads.com 0 minutes Claim
faucetwhite.com 0 minutes Claim
freebitking.com 0 minutes Claim
dutchycorp.space 0 minutes Claim
claim4btc.com 1 minutes Claim
bffaucet.com 10 minutes Claim
fautsy.com 5 minutes Claim
starbits.io 6 minutes Claim
claimbits.io 6 minutes Claim
gobits.io 6 minutes Claim
i-bits.io 5 minutes Claim
xfaucet.net 5 minutes Claim
konstantinova.net 5 minutes Claim
btc2claim.xyz 6 minutes Claim

Coinpot Faucet

CoinPot is a brand new cryptocurrency microwallet, designed to collect and combine faucet payouts and earnings from a number of different faucets/sources

moonbit.co.in moonliteco.in moonbitcoin.cash
moondoge.co.in moondash.co.in bonusbitcoin.co

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